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Natür brings you natural and healthy products, developed and produced under the most rigorous standards of quality and innovation. We believe that you deserve to consume the best products for your health without having to give up delicious flavors to feed yourself well.

"When I look back, I see the landscapes, That I have walked through, But it is different, All the great trees are gone, It seems there are, Remnants of them, But it is the afterglow, Inside of you, Of all those you met, Who meant something in your life”. - Olav Rex of Norway


Energy, enthusiasm and liveliness! Our line of vegan ginger candies are made with natural ginger extract, with no artificial preservatives, flavorings or dyes! Being vegan, it does not contain animal jelly. Ginger is known for its beneficial health and wellness properties. In the rich volcanic lands of Indonesia, the best ginger in the world is grown and used in the production of our delicious caramelized ginger bulbs.


100% vegan made with fruit pectin The delicious Fit & Fruity vegan gummies come straight from Germany and are made with 100% natural ingredients and free of artificial flavors and aromas. With versions sweetened with Stévia (sugar-free) or 100% natural beet sugar, this gummie contains a low glycemic index making the food much healthier.

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The best source of Protein and Vitamin C Powerbärs protein super-snacks are Natür's newest release. In addition to 10g of protein, these delights also offer 100% of the Vitamin C V your body needs. Vitamin C works together with protein for a better absorption of nutrients in a light and healthy way.

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